(A Novel)


The key to Steve’s liberation was buried in a local backyard for more than 150 years. 

Garrison, Indiana was a prominent stop on the Underground Railroad and home to a small Quaker college. Once filled with prosperity and local industry, it has slowly decayed into a stagnant rustbelt town filled with vacant storefronts and dead-end jobs. 

Professor Steve Fears is tired of it, and he wants out, but his crumbling hometown seems to do everything in its power to keep him from reaching his potential.

Steve and his friends, Doc and Sally, have grown up together with front row seats to the decline of Garrison along with their own dreams. 

Now, facing late adulthood, the friends question whether they have accomplished anything worthwhile with their lives as they waste their days. 

When a mysterious discovery is unearthed in the backyard of a powerful local family, Steve and his friends are propelled into a journey of discovery and awareness that will alter the trajectory of their lives. 

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Finalist 2022 American Writing Awards

Historical Fiction Category

Third Place 2022 The Bookfest Awards

Historical Fiction Category